Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Exporting Outlook Contacts Folders - Solution

A problem I have run across a couple of times, and have noticed that many others have is exporting Microsoft Outlook Contacts folders to a comma separated values (CSV) file. By default Outlook can only export one folder at a time. I have not found any software add-on yet that can do this either.

However, I have discovered by accident a way to do this using the Plaxo service. Plaxo comes as an optional install with the AOL Instant Messenger Triton application. I personally could not use Triton because it lacks Proxy settings or any way to change the communication port.

Anyway, when you use Plaxo, you can upload all your contacts to their web sites, and a fortunate side effect (depending on how seriously you take your privacy), it can help you discover your contacts' AIM addresses, and if they also are in Plaxo, will share whatever information the person allows to share.

One feature is that you can export your contact list. You are given the option to export all your contacts or any one folder of your choice. The download options are:

  • Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV file)
  • Palm (.CSV file)
  • Netscape (.LDIF file)
  • Yahoo! (.CSV file)
  • vCard (.VCF file)

Hope this helps someone! Let me know if you have comments or questions. My main question is why can't Microsoft make this easier???