Wednesday, July 27, 2016

IntelliJ Idea: Can't find gems in Cucumber configurations when using RVM Ruby

I had updated Ruby on my Mac OS X laptop using RVM:

curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby
rvm use 2.3 --default

In IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2016, I changed my Cucumber configuration to use the "RVM: ruby-2.3.0" SDK.

I then got any number of errors regarding not having gems installed like cucumber, any of the required gems, and then finally the debug gems (ruby-debug-ide and debase).
Run Configuration Error: Cucumber Gem isn't installed for RVM

Initially, I had some success getting rid of errors one by one by manually running "gem install" on the command line for every gem that was missing. However, in the end, I still had the problems with the debug gems not being installed, and getting errors when attempting to have IntelliJ install the debug gems itself.

I finally figured out that the Gems bin directory was incorrect. When I when to

File ➜ ProjectStructure ➜ SDKs ➜ RVM: ruby-2.3.0

and changed Gems bin directory to

Then things started working just fine.